Jane Challenor

Jane ChallenorJane is a Learning Programme Teacher at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and is the bgen Governance Workstream Lead.

How long have you been working with plants and the natural world?

I have been working at RBG Kew since 2007. As a teacher in schools since 1979, I have always had a passion for the natural world and know how valuable learning in the outdoors can be for inspiring children and young people.

Why is helping to connect people and plants important to you?

I consider that connecting people and plants is an essential tool to ensuring the future of the human race.  It is true that all life depends on plants and it is our responsibility, as educators to deliver that message to the next generation.

Tell us about a project you’re really proud to have been involved in.

In my role as a teacher in a West London Primary School I initiated a gardening club and subsequently established a Wildlife Garden to celebrate the school’s Centenary. The process which included fundraising, meetings and many assemblies to engage the children, teachers, parents and then the wider community, took over two years to come to fruition. Eventually the Centenary Garden was built and is now used as an outdoor classroom to inspire and engage the children.

Finally, what is your favourite plant?

That is a very difficult question. I think I would have to choose the Jasmine as a group of plants that have the most fantastic fragrances. The jasmine also reminds me of when I lived in Hong Kong. Jasmine plants grew all over the island and jasmine tea was the hot drink of choice.

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