Lynn Daley

Lynn Daley

Lynn is the Primary Development Officer
with SSERC.

Committee Member 2014
Committee Member 2014


How long have you been working with plants and the natural world?

My first job as an ecologist was in 1998 and I moved into environmental education in 2001.  Since then I have worked at field studies centres, schools, woodlands and an Arboretum.  I have always been drawn to outdoor learning.

Why is helping to connect people and plants important to you?

Since childhood I have had a love of the outdoors and of natural environments.  As a biology student I found that everything made more sense if I could visit the habitat I was studying and experience it for myself.  By helping to connect people and plants I hope to engender an appreciation for the plants around us and an understanding of how important they are to us.

Tell us about a project you’re really proud to have been involved in.

While working for a forestry charity in Ireland I started up the education centre at their site from scratch.  I really enjoyed the challenge that this project offered from co-ordinating installation of utilities in the education centre to designing curriculum-linked courses for primary and secondary schools across a range of subjects, from sourcing equipment to marketing the education courses.  It was very exciting to see the education centre develop right from the very beginning to the point where we were running at capacity and had a lot of groups booking return visits year on year.

Finally, what is your favourite plant?

Over the last few years Giant Redwoods have crept into the lead as my favourite plant.  From their spongy bark to their incredibly long lifespan, from their towering height to their tiny seeds they are truly awe-inspiring and I never get tired of the reactions of children and adults alike when they encounter one of these amazing trees.

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