Susie Kelpie

Susie Kelpie

Susie Kelpie is  Schools Programmer manager at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and a member of the bgen committee.

Susie Kelpie

How long have you been working with plants and the natural world?

I started working at Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh in 1994 before that a was a secondary school biology teacher with a special interest in plants

Why is helping to connect people and plants important to you?

Plants are really the most important organisms on the planet we would not exist without them, but they don’t seem to be a very popular subject to study, I very much enjoy working to get people to see plants as exciting, interesting and enjoyable if student who visit us have a great time they have learned that they can enjoy visiting gardens and that they are relevant and important to them.   .

Tell us about a project you’re really proud to have been involved in.

I’m proud to be a small part of our schools gardening project, the project involves 6 classes from local schools having their own plot at the RBGE when they grow vegetables from march to September. Every student in the classes has their own square meter and grow their own crops. It is great to see how much they get from the experience.

Finally, what is your favourite plant?

I really like Mimosa pudica  the sensitive plant  it’s a great plant to get everyone very excited about .

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