Bringing learning to life in schools

The natural world that surrounds us is an invaluable source of rich learning experiences for schools. Stepping away from the classroom and into a garden or arboretum gives students the chance to experience plants at first hand and to learn directly from people who work with them. Teachers often find that real-world experiences bring learning to life by turning difficult-to-grasp concepts into something tangible and meaningful.

It’s not just the obvious science and geography lessons where plant-based learning comes to the fore – it can inspire creative teaching and learning in all areas of the school curriculum. It can fire imaginative thinking and help students develop personal and social skills such as problem solving and team working. Whether it’s using a woodland to create music, exploring the history of plant hunters, or studying the design of a botanic garden, the opportunities for connecting learning with plants are endless.

School children at the Eden Project © Steve Tanner

School children visiting the Eden Project
© Steve Tanner

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