Eden Project: Exploring the freaky side of nature

Eden ProjectOnce a year, the Eden Project is taken over by ‘Freaky Nature’ – a season of fun, interactive learning activities that introduce visitors to the weird and wonderful world of plants.

The Freaky Nature season features a wide range of family-friendly activities based around unusual plants and their strange habits. One of the highlights is the Freaky Plant Tour, where visitors can discover poisonous, carnivorous and exploding plants, as well as those whose bizarre features help them survive.

The Sticky Survival and Seed Bomb areas give visitors a chance to learn about seed dispersal – they can experience life as a burdock seed by putting on a sticky suit and hurling themselves at a Velcro wall, and then head into the lab to have a go at making exploding seed bombs.

Other activities include Big It Up, where people can examine plants through powerful microscopes and talk to scientists about what they see, and Bug Boutique, where younger visitors can dress up as a bug or flower.

eden_2Hands-on learning

Freaky Nature is designed to be a fun, interactive learning experience for the whole family. “The more hands-on an activity is, the more likely people are to engage with it,” explains Eden’s programme producer Emma Hogg.

“We want families and groups to play and learn alongside one another, so we try to make sure that each activity has something to offer younger and older visitors.”

Feedback from visitors suggests that the hands-on approach is hitting the mark, with people describing Freaky Nature activities as, “interactive for everyone”, and, “good for my 2-year-old and my 12-year-old”.

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