Making an impact

Engaging with plants can improve people’s lives in many different ways. Our photo gallery illustrates the wide-ranging benefits of plant-based learning.

Forming social connections

For many people, spending time engaging with plants and people who work with them is an important social activity. A visit to a botanic garden or any other kind of environmental centre is an opportunity to learn interesting new things and enjoy the beauty of the natural world. Visitors who go on to become volunteers particularly value the opportunities it creates to meet like-minded others, form social connections and play an active role in the community. Plant-based learning can also deliver … Continue Reading ››

Enhancing fitness and wellbeing

From following an audio trail through an arboretum to lending a hand with digging as a volunteer at a botanic garden, engaging with plants offers a wealth of opportunities to develop and maintain physical fitness. And it’s a world away from pounding away on a treadmill in the gym. Contact with nature also supports good mental health and emotional wellbeing – it can provide mental stimulation, reduce stress and support recovery from illness. Taking part in practical, hands-on activities based around … Continue Reading ››

Encouraging healthy eating

Hands-on learning about plants, nutrition and how to grow food can give children a lifelong appreciation of healthy living. For adults, too, growing food helps to build an understanding of where the food we eat comes from and why fresh, home-grown salads, vegetables and fruits are good for you. School children getting involved in the RHS Campaign for School Gardening © RHS School children getting involved in the RHS Campaign for School Gardening © … Continue Reading ››

Promoting sustainable living

Young people who spend time outdoors and forge a connection with the natural world are more likely to become environmentally-aware adults. But engaging with plants and the natural world can play an important part in promoting sustainable lifestyles for people of all ages. It’s all too easy to feel that climate change is something that’s happening elsewhere, but plant collections throughout the UK have stories to tell of how plants here are being affected right now. Plant-based learning can offer compelling … Continue Reading ››