The Botanic Gardens Education Network (bgen) promotes and advances the delivery of education in member organisations. We are a specialist support and training network for professionals working in education related to plants and the natural world. The network has more than 200 members, most of whom are educators in botanic gardens and other centres of environmental education in the UK and Ireland. Anyone is welcome to join bgen, though as a support network, those likely to gain the most benefit are professional biodiversity educators within the UK. You can learn more about our members and our work by following the menu links.

Lynn Daley

Lynn Daley

Lynn is the Primary Development Officer with SSERC.
Committee Member 2014
Committee Member 2014
  How long have you been working with plants and the natural world? My first job as an ecologist was in 1998 and I moved into environmental education in 2001.  Since then I have worked at field studies centres, schools, woodlands and an Arboretum.  I have always been drawn to outdoor learning. Why is helping to connect people and plants … Continue Reading ››

The Birth of bgen – Celebrating 25 Years!

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25 Years of BGEN: The Questionnaire!!!

We asked founder members to give us their recollections of the “birth” of BGEN. We would like to thank Gail Bromley, Bill Graham, Sue Minter, Julia Willison and Ruth Taylor for their very valuable (if slightly hazy!) memories.
  • What inspired the formation of BGEN?
Gail Bromley -The fact that as educationalists we very rarely had much support or training – Education was a relatively new field for Botanic gardens at that time and only … Continue Reading ››

What is plant-based education?

BGEN promotes the enormously positive role that active, plant-based learning can play in educational settings. But what exactly do we mean by 'plant-based education'? Plant-based education supports the use of plants as a tool for learning in all aspects of school curricula and lifelong learning. Plants can be used to teach not only scientific disciplines such as botany, ecology and taxonomy, but also social sciences, languages, and the arts. Using plants in education opens up tremendous opportunities to inspire learning through hands-on activities.

Plant-based education in … Continue Reading ››

Jane Challenor

Jane ChallenorJane is a Learning Programme Teacher at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and is the bgen Governance Workstream Lead. How long have you been working with plants and the natural world? I have been working at RBG Kew since 2007. As a teacher in schools since 1979, I have always had a passion for the natural world and know how valuable learning in the outdoors can be for inspiring children and young … Continue Reading ››