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The Botanic Gardens Education Network (bgen) promotes and advances the delivery of education in member organisations. We are a specialist support and training network for professionals working in education related to plants and the natural world. The network has more than 200 members, most of whom are educators in botanic gardens and other centres of environmental education in the UK and Ireland. Anyone is welcome to join bgen, though as a support network, those likely to gain the most benefit are professional biodiversity educators within the UK. You can learn more about our members and our work by following the menu links.

Enhancing fitness and wellbeing

From following an audio trail through an arboretum to lending a hand with digging as a volunteer at a botanic garden, engaging with plants offers a wealth of opportunities to develop and maintain physical fitness. And it’s a world away from pounding away on a treadmill in the gym. Contact with nature also supports good mental health and emotional wellbeing – it can provide mental stimulation, reduce stress and support recovery from illness. Taking part in practical, hands-on activities based around … Continue Reading ››

Encouraging healthy eating

Hands-on learning about plants, nutrition and how to grow food can give children a lifelong appreciation of healthy living. For adults, too, growing food helps to build an understanding of where the food we eat comes from and why fresh, home-grown salads, vegetables and fruits are good for you. School children getting involved in the RHS Campaign for School Gardening © RHS School children getting involved in the RHS Campaign for School Gardening © … Continue Reading ››

Promoting sustainable living

Young people who spend time outdoors and forge a connection with the natural world are more likely to become environmentally-aware adults. But engaging with plants and the natural world can play an important part in promoting sustainable lifestyles for people of all ages. It’s all too easy to feel that climate change is something that’s happening elsewhere, but plant collections throughout the UK have stories to tell of how plants here are being affected right now. Plant-based learning can offer compelling … Continue Reading ››

Opening doorways to careers with plants

Inspiration for career choices often comes from meaningful, personal experiences which spark an interest and a desire to know and do more. Whether it’s on a school visit, a family day out, or as a volunteer, learning about plants and the natural world can sow the seeds for a rewarding career in the horticultural or land-based sectors. Engaging with plant educators and specialists can open up a people’s eyes to a whole host of career opportunities, and help them develop skills … Continue Reading ››