The Botanic Gardens Education Network (bgen) promotes and advances the delivery of education in member organisations. We are a specialist support and training network for professionals working in education related to plants and the natural world. The network has more than 200 members, most of whom are educators in botanic gardens and other centres of environmental education in the UK and Ireland. Anyone is welcome to join bgen, though as a support network, those likely to gain the most benefit are professional biodiversity educators within the UK. You can learn more about our members and our work by following the menu links.

Bringing learning to life in schools

The natural world that surrounds us is an invaluable source of rich learning experiences for schools. Stepping away from the classroom and into a garden or arboretum gives students the chance to experience plants at first hand and to learn directly from people who work with them. Teachers often find that real-world experiences bring learning to life by turning difficult-to-grasp concepts into something tangible and meaningful. It’s not just the obvious science and geography lessons where plant-based learning comes to the … Continue Reading ››

Learning Outside the Classroom

Learning Outside the Classroom logo BGEN is a signatory to the Learning Outside the Classroom (LOTC) Manifesto. LOTC believes that every young person should experience the world beyond the classroom as an essential part of learning and personal development, whatever their age, ability or circumstances. The organisation's aim is not only to make clear that learning outside the classroom has significant learning benefits for participants but also to explore how it can … Continue Reading ››

The importance of plant conservation

Plants are the backbone of life on Earth. Today, however, plant communities around the world are under threat. Scientists estimate that at least 100,000 plants are threatened with extinction--that's more than one-third the total known species of plants on the planet! Education about the importance of plants and the need for their conservation is an important aspect of BGEN's work. Photo by Sarah DixonThe main threats to plants today are habitat destruction, … Continue Reading ››