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Using the garden ghosts of your wartime or historic past

Kindly contributed by Mark Norris, Newquay Zoo, World War Zoo Gardens project.Poppies_Field_in_Flanders_CC
Visitors to your botanic garden are not just amazed by your plants, seeking tranquil green surroundings or an easy-to-reach wild space. Some may be(come) intrigued by your history, fascinated by who worked there and what went on at your botanic garden in the past.
We already use personality or biography - famous plant hunters, inspirational directors, royal connections  - to enliven our collections.  You … Continue Reading ››

Dark Sky Discovery, 2011-2013

The night sky has an extraordinary appeal for a wide diversity of people.  It enthrals children and grandparents, men and women.  It inspires poetry and science. Perhaps for these reasons, cultures across the world and throughout history have attached huge significance to the night sky.  It therefore provides rich opportunities to inspire and engage people from diverse communities about their environment and their place within it.

Dark Sky Discovery is a national project for England, funded by Natural England, through … Continue Reading ››

Every Child Outdoors

Every Child Outdoors

The RSPB believes that every child should be entitled to regular contact with the natural environment.  They have released a report summerising the evidence to support this.  The report is free to download. 

Learning in the wild - more of the debate

Much of what people know about science is learned informally. Education policy-makers should take note.

The seemingly endless debate about … Continue Reading ››