Learning Outside the Classroom

Learning Outside the Classroom logo BGEN is a signatory to the Learning Outside the Classroom (LOTC) Manifesto. LOTC believes that every young person should experience the world beyond the classroom as an essential part of learning and personal development, whatever their age, ability or circumstances. The organisation's aim is not only to make clear that learning outside the classroom has significant learning benefits for participants but also to explore how it can … Continue Reading ››

Our Members

BGEN is a body of over 200 members, representing more than 70 botanic gardens, zoos, arboreta, and other environmental education institutions throughout the UK, Ireland, and other countries around the world. They:
  • Help visitors understand the vital work of botanic gardens, parks and historic gardens
  • Raise awareness of plant diversity, conservation and the role of plants in our daily lives
  • Work with many audiences including families, school groups and the wider community
  • Make links between people and plants around the world

BGEN Member Directory

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Growing Schools

Growing Schools logoBGEN is proud to support the work of Growing Schools. Growing Schools aims to give all children the opportunity to connect with the living environment, whether it is an inner-city window box or a vast country estate, a school veg plot or a natural woodland. Interacting with living plants and animals provides a very rich, hands-on learning experience in which both formal and informal education can flourish. Growing Schools … Continue Reading ››

The importance of plant conservation

Plants are the backbone of life on Earth. Today, however, plant communities around the world are under threat. Scientists estimate that at least 100,000 plants are threatened with extinction--that's more than one-third the total known species of plants on the planet! Education about the importance of plants and the need for their conservation is an important aspect of BGEN's work. Photo by Sarah DixonThe main threats to plants today are habitat destruction, … Continue Reading ››