The Impact of School Gardening

New research published by the RHS shows as well as helping children lead happier, healthier lives today, gardening helped theKingsway Primary copyright RHS photographer Fiona Secrettm acquire the essential skills they need to fulfill their potential in a rapidly-changing world and make a positive contribution to society as a whole.

‘Gardening in schools – a vital tool for children’s learning’ (published June 2010) Download the full report.

The report is a summary of the findings from a piece of independant research carried out by the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER).  They were asked by the RHS to assess the impact of gardening in schools.  They surveyed 1,300 teachers and conducted an in-depth study of 10 schools belonging to the RHS Gardening in Schools programme.

This important research shows for the first time the enormous impact gardening plays in a child’s wellbeing, learning and development.

Dr Simon Thornton Wood (Director of Science and Learning at the RHS) said:

‘As the new coalition RHSSchoolGardeninglogogovernment considers a new approach to the primary curriculum, we hope they acknowledge the striking conculsions of our research and that gardens enable a creative, flexible approach to teaching that has significant benefits. Schools which integrate gardening into the curriculum are developing children who are much more responsive to the challeneges of adult life.’

The evidence shows that gardening in schools encourages children to:St_Leonards_RHSFionaSecrett

  • Become stronger, more active learners capable of thinking independantly and adapting their skills and knowledge to new challenges at school and in the future;
  • Gain a more resilient, confident and responsible approach to life so they can achieve their goals and play a positive role in society;
  • Learn vital new job skills such as presentation skills, communication and team work, and fuel their entrepreneurial spirit;
  • Embrace a healthier, more active lifestyle;
  • Develop the ability to work and communicate with people of all ages and backgrounds.


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