SEN and SEBD resources

New resource for SEN and SEBD Teachers from ‘Growing Schools’, KS3 and 4.

There is proven value to pupils in developing learning opportunities using school gardens and grounds. However many teachers lack the confidence to make a start, and would like advice on where these activities might link to the curriculum and to assessment.

This new resource has been prepared by a skilled group of teachers in North East England especially to help teachers working with young people with special educational needs, including emotional and behavioural needs. The authors have produced lesson plans and resources related to the themes of Polytunnel and Garden, Woodland and Forest, and Beekeeping. The project was co-ordinated on behalf of ‘Growing Schools’ by staff from County Durham’s Outdoor and Sustainability Education Service, part of the Education Development Service in County Durham.

The resource is available on-line now.

A CD Rom version of the resource will soon be available by post:- To obtain a copy please contact with your name and postal address

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