Get your MP to support Learning Outside the Classroom!

Call to support the Learning Outside the Classroom Early Day Motion (EDM) – BGEN is urging its members to write to their local MP to ask them to sign EDM number 4.

An EDM is a written motion in the House of Commons which all MPs are free to sign.  EDMs that are signed by a small number of MPs achieve very little.  EDMs that are signed by a hundred or more MPs have a far more significant effect.  Therefore the help of everyone who cares about the future of learning outside the classroom is urgently needed.  The EDM states:

That this House notes the conclusion of an Ofsted report that learning outside the classroom contributes significantly to raising standards; recognises that learning through experience is a powerful educational tool; applauds the work put into the Manifesto for Learning Outside the Classroom; regrets that despite this work, its aspiration to provide all young people with a wide range of quality experiences outside the classroom, including one or more residential visits, is not yet embedded in all schools; and calls on the Government to find a way of making this a reality for all young people, including those who need financial support.

You can write to your MP at the House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA or by email link at   If you don’t know them personally, you will need to explain that you are one of their constituents.  You might want to explain briefly why it’s important that they sign the EDM but you’ve no need to spell out the content of the EDM – just ask them to sign EDM number 4.

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