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Individual £30/year*
For plant educators, volunteers, students, freelancers and interested people

Organisation £110/year*
For botanic gardens, arboreta, zoos and related sector organisations
DID YOU KNOW? Organisational membership gives EVERYONE in your organisation access to membership benefits, from directors to interns.

*Changes to our governance and finance:
Over the past year we have been reviewing our governance and financial management. Our accounting year runs from April 1st to March 31st however our Membership year runs from January to December. We would like to adjust this so that we can bring the accounts and membership renewal in line.

For this reason, we are asking members to pay a 15-month subscription this year, which will take you from January 1st 2020 up to March 31st 2021. The Organisation Membership fee for this 15-month period will therefore be 25% higher at £137.50, and Individual Membership will be £37.50. Thereafter the membership renewal will revert back to a standard 12-month payment of £110 for Organisations and £30 for Individuals (April 1st 2021 – March 31st 2022). We do apologise for the slight amendment needed but hope that this will not significantly impact on you as this is a one off and a relatively small adjustment.